Light & Air. With safety.
For industrial flat roofs.

Daylight, fresh air and protection from smoke and heat - these are the goals we have set ourselves. JET has stood for aesthetic and technologically innovative and market-leading solutions for industrial flat roofs for many decades. Both in new construction as well as also for refurbishment.

We can provide you with durable systems for light, air and safety that are individually tailored to your requirements. Time and again, we have set benchmarks in the market with our innovations.

System solutions for the industrial flat roof – automated or stand-alone

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Natural ventilation: For more energy efficiency

加速器连接国外网络 For more fire protection

Fall-through protection: For more fall safety

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COVID-19 Information

We are here!

We are committed to delivering commercial daylight solutions to our customers. Our offices and factories are in operation and we are delivering our products as usual. Just contact us - or 0+49 5744/503-0.


New division in VELUX

VELUX Commercial is a new division under the VELUX Brand. We offer daylight solutions for commercial buildings.


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VELUX acquisition of JET-Group was approved on 19th November last year. Since then, the two companies have taken the first steps to build a new division under the VELUX brand. Now they are launching a new logo and visual identity.

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